Instructions for the disputes committee for the performance scheme

1. Purpose

The disputes committee for the performance scheme was established to deal with claims for corrections that have been rejected by Bane NOR SF (Bane NOR) and where the railway companies do not agree with the rejection.

2. Participants

One participant is appointed from Bane NOR and one from each of the railway companies that operate services on the railway network in Norway. A substitute participant from Bane NOR and one from each of the railway companies can also be appointed.

When a matter is submitted to the disputes committee, a meeting should be scheduled for day 12 to 21, see “The disputes committee’s procedures”. One person from Bane NOR and one from the railway company that submitted the matter to the disputes committee must attend the meeting.

3. Meetings of the disputes committee

The executive officer who considered the claim for a correction presents the railway company’s written reasons for the correction and Bane NOR’s written reasons for the rejection. This information is retrieved from “Min Side/My page” in the customer portal. The executive officer can also assist with accessing TIOS during the meeting if necessary. The executive officer keeps minutes from the meeting, which must be approved by both parties. The executive officer shall not take part in the discussion.

If further information exists, this must be presented by the respective participants in the meeting.

Appendix: The disputes committee’s procedures

Phase Period
(business days)
1 0 A causation code is provisionally set by a traffic controller (traffic controller or TXP) in Bane NOR SF.
2 1-3 Bane NOR SF reviews/quality assures the data, corrects errors and sets a provisional code.
3 4-6 The railway companies review the data and use the customer portal to point out any incorrect registration of causation they believe exists.
4 7-9 Bane NOR considers their points, makes a provisional decision on a causation code and sends a response via the customer portal.
5 10-11 In the event of a dispute: the railway companies have the option to refer the matter to the disputes committee
6 12-21 Consideration by the disputes committee – max. 10 business days.
7 > 21 • If the parties agree, the process ends here.
• If the parties conclude that another railway company was the triggering cause, the process goes back to phase 2.
• If there is still no agreement, the railway companies can submit a complaint to the Norwegian Railway Authority, cf. the Norwegian Railway Regulations, section 11-2(1).

Source: Bane NORs Management System STY-604290

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