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 === Maritime and inland port facilities === === Maritime and inland port facilities ===
 Bane NOR does not offer port services. Bane NOR does not offer port services.
 +For an overview of port facilities related to rail operations, see [[appendices:​harbour_terminals|Annex Harbour Terminals]] ​
 === Relief services === === Relief services ===
-Bane NOR does not offer relief ​services.+ 
 +**Relief facilities for contingency terminals.** 
 +Conditions relating to use of the contingency terminals:​ 
 +a) The main purpose of the contingency terminal is for loading and unloading operations for freight trains in instances where freight trains are unable to reach the determining terminal due to unforeseen circumstances. 
 +b) Secondarily,​ the contingency terminal may be used for other purposes. Conditions for secondary use are that operations that use the contingency terminal shall make the area available within 4 hours upon receipt of notification that the terminal needs to be used for its main purpose. 
 +c) The user of the terminal shall cover Bane NOR’s costs for operation and maintenance of the contingency terminal, unless otherwise agreed. Costs that are invoicable are variable, and shall cover operations and maintenance as a result of use (including snow removal, paving/​gritting and repair of damage). 
 +Access conditions for railway companies to loading and unloading areas in Bane NOR’s freight terminals, in addition to any train paths allocated during route planning, is as follows: 
 +  * A condition of all track access agreements is that data must be exchanged with Bane NOR’s terminal operation system (TOS). 
 +  * Railway companies that make use of services ​at Bane NOR’s intermodal freight terminals must have an agreement in place with a terminal operator that has a valid access agreement in place with Bane NOR. Information about the approval process for terminal operators is available here: https://​​kundeportal/​bli-jernbaneforetak-eller-terminaloperator/​terminaloperator/​ 
 +  * The terminal operator is obliged to cover any costs associated with the use of terminal areas throughout the duration of the access agreement. Examples of such costs include: snow clearing, maintenance of loading bays, power (electricity),​ operating costs related to ICT systems including the terminal operation system (TOS) and gate operation system (GOS). 
 +  * Terminal operators are obliged to use Bane NOR’s TOS and GOS in Bane NOR freight terminals throughout the duration of the access agreement. 
 +  * Other terms and conditions are set out in the terminal handbook, which is available here: https://​​terminalhandboken/​doku.php 
 +Access conditions for shunting areas at Sundland and Alnabru fall under those applicable to freight terminals. The shunting area at Sundland is connected to the Holmen and Nybyen freight terminal. Alnabru is connected to the Alnabru freight terminal. 
 +The access conditions for these shunting areas are: 
 +  * Allocated to the train path during the route planning process. 
 +  * Rail companies who use shunting areas will be charged a terminal fee (link to terminal fee schedule). 
 +Access conditions for Vatnestrøm freight terminal (private) https://​​ 
 === Refuelling facilities === === Refuelling facilities ===
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